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Nicole Sara
Mar 25, 2024
Long-distance move from Vancouver, BC to Kitchener, ON

Highly Recommended

Exceptional team of kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and accommodating individuals. My sincerest thanks go out to Bill for being so helpful and prompt throughout the entire process. The experience I had with WLH Moving was excellent, and I highly recommend them.

Move size: 3 Bedroom Home Service cost: $6000

Penny Thompson
Dec 06, 2022
Long-distance move from Toronto, ON to Gibsons, BC

Took the stress out of a long distance move

I'm so glad I chose WLH Moving! Not only was the price extremely reasonable, Bill went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and secure that my belongings would arrive safely.

I was moving from Ontario to BC, which is stressful in itself, but Bill stayed in constant communication, promptly answered my questions and followed up often.

The moving crews he works with are fantastic. Professional and efficient.

I would HIGHLY recommend WLH Moving to anyone moving long distance.

Move size: Partial Move Service cost: $6000

Julia Eastman
Mar 23, 2024
Long-distance move from Ontario to British Columbia


This company is a literal nightmare. Not only are about a quarter of my handmade wooden items my recently deceased grandpa (who helped raise me) are busted and missing pieces, but half my boxes that were taped shut were opened. Items are missing and the sole proprietor of this company [NAME EDIT] is an ignorant human being. He refused to accept a family members payment after all my credit cards were stolen and refused to ship my belongings, stated that the name on the invoice verses cards must match. To my surprise, finding that the original invoice didn’t even have my name on it! Poor customer service much. After all this, my items arrived 2 weeks late and damaged or completely missing. This company is a joke. And to put a cherry on top, they quoted me at a cheaper rate than on the bill which came back $1500 more than what was agreed on. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AND DO YOUR RESEARCH! My mistake for trusting someone who seemed so nice in the beginning!

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $6000

Thumbnail photo by Julia Eastman of WLH Moving & Storage Second thumbnail photo by Julia Eastman of WLH Moving & Storage
Official company response

There are a number of falsehoods in this customers review. First off she informed us her credit cards were stolen/lost and inquired if payment could be cash or cheque, debt which we agreed to, we were later informed that she gave her friend Sebastien cash to pay for the move on her behalf., he was told we would not accept his credit card as he was not involved with the move and we would accept etransfer or other agreed upon method.
This customer was given numerous options to pay, bank draft, cash, bank transfer to name just a few but refused ALL and insisted on credit card payment by her friend.
Sebastien and i had a discussion and he payed by etransfer after understanding our position and asked that i deal with him only as the customer was dealing with a lot of stress and was lashing out and he apologized on her behalf (i have saved this on my cell phone)... note this was March 6 and the morning of Mar 8th i received a text msg from Sebastien stating that we needed to deal direct with Julie because " I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF HELPING HER" .
As for poor customer service and calling me an ignorant person i did not retaliate and stoop to the level she was hoping for after her calls screaming at me and abruptly hanging up before i could respond. I
would be pleased to share the email thread between us showing she did NOTHING but degrade, insult and belittle everyone she came in contact with in particular Nicole who had just had a baby and was working from home... despite this she was treated with the utmost courtesy even though she didnt deserve to be.
Julie was advised prior to booking that the average delivery is approximately 7-14 business days from date of pickup and was delivered Mar 22 in the afternoon which was 15 business days and was NOT TWO WEEKS LATE.
The customer packed her own items in regular boxes that are not moving grade and will naturally open if not packed properly because when boxes are stacked the weight will crush those not packed tightly. Not using packing material to take up the space in the cartons to prevent colapse is another reason for them to open.
As for any broken or missing items she can request a claim form, complete it and return to the office and her claim will be dealt with on a timely basis.
Needless to say, this is one customer that we will never do business with in future.
And as for the addition cost, her estimated weight was 2600 lbs, her actual weight was 3200 lbs and her rate of 0.75 cents per pound did not change and final charges for weight and fuel surcharge are based on actual scaled weight so she was charged properly, and needs to spend a few minutes and go over her bill prior to accusing anyone of overcharging her.
In addition the original estimate was $2650.00 before tax and her final bill was $3517.80 INCLUDING taxes.. so there is no $1500.00 overcharge. This is more than a mathematical error, it is an outright lie.

Jason Hillbomb
Mar 13, 2019
Long-distance move from Toronto, ON to Calgary, AB

Great job.

I booked with bill at WLH Moving for our relocation from Toronto to Calgary.
Bill was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns I had.
I would recommend WLH to my friends and family for anyone looking at moving in the future.
The quote was very reasonable and I was impressed with the loading crew as they blanket wrapped all of our furniture prior to loading it into the big truck.
I heard so many horror stories about moving and I’m glad we had a great experience.
Thanks bill and crew.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $3500

Thumbnail photo by Jason Hillbomb of WLH Moving & Storage
Sara Fawcett
Nov 10, 2022
Long-distance move from Ontario to British Columbia

Reliable moving company

We used this company to move from ON to BC. They were fair and reliable and overall we are satisfied with the service start to finish.

Move size: 3 Bedroom Home Service cost: $6500

Jo Todd
Mar 14, 2019
Long-distance move from Moncton, NB to Kelowna, BC

My review of WLH.

I am just getting around to this now. We used WLH for our move last January from Moncton NB to Kelowna BC.
Bill was most informative helping us through the process as neither I nor my husband have ever moved a long distance before.
We arranged to full packing option as we had a 5 bedroom home and it would take us forever to purchase boxes and pack everything ourselves.
The driver and helpers were excellent, putting down protective floor coverings etc.
I wont author a novel here but both I and my husband were very pleased with the service and will be using this company when we return to Moncton.

Move size: 4+ Bedroom Home Service cost: $22000

Ann Simard
Jan 25, 2020
Long-distance move from Nanaimo, BC to Ottawa, ON

Very Satisfied.

I have moved many times before and have had both good and bad experiences and my move with WLH was one of the good ones.

Everything went smoothly from start to finish and while their rates are a few more cents per pound than some of the others that quoted us it was well worth it.

I will recommend them to anyone planning to move..thanks Bill , Jeff and Andy.


Move size: 4 Bedroom Home Service cost: $17000

Sandra Ludwig
Jan 17, 2020
Local move within British Columbia

Disrespectful, Unreliable, Rude.

We were moving from BC to London, and found an Ontario based company with 3 positive online reviews. We got a quote from the company which was reasonable, and booked a time for them to come. We put our 2 dogs in a kennel, and booked a hotel for ourselves because I was on night shift and needed to be able to sleep during the day, essentially making the environment seamless for the movers.

While I slept, my spouse waited the entire day for the movers, who never showed up. He called and called, but no response. Keep in mind, we had already paid a $400 deposit. Not only did they not show up, they didn't even bother to call, text, email, NOTHING.

My spouse finally got ahold of Bill (company owner?) that night, and he made some excuse, and said that the movers would be there the following day.

Guess what, my spouse waited around again the entire day, and no one showed. Again - no call, text, email, nothing. We were finally able to get ahold of Bill again that night, and he made some excuse about being in another province, so he can't just walk over and ask his guys why they didn't show up, but he PROMISED they would be there the following day.

Guess what..nothing. No one showed, no call, no text, no email. This time I called Bill, who acted surprised that no movers arrived, saying "I was under the impression that they were there." I told him enough was enough, we needed to be out of our house the following day, and we have now waited around for 3 days for his movers. Bill started to get rude and unprofessional, making it seem like it was our fault that he did not provide the service that we paid for.

He told me that he would look into the situation, and never called back. My spouse and I have been consistently trying to contact Bill over the phone and e-mail, requesting our $400 deposit back, but of course, he is completely ignoring us.

I don't understand what is wrong with this company..we paid you for a service that you never provided. Give us back our money.

What a nightmare. Stay far away from this company.

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home Service cost: $2500

Listra Sandy
Jan 20, 2020
Long-distance move from Vancouver, BC to Oakville, ON

Professional affordable service from start to finish.

I moved from Vancouver BC to Oakville Ont at the beginning of January.

Cost of move was $6000.00 which was the best deal I got from calling around to different places.

Bill was great, easy to book, answered all my questions.

The move went very smooth on both ends. No complaints.

The crew was friendly and efficient and everything was delivered intact, no damage.

I would definitely recommend WLH to anyone looking to move.

Happy customer.

Move size: 3 Bedroom Home Service cost: $6000

Simon Sedgwick
Jul 06, 2020
Long-distance move from Innisfil, ON to Langley, BC

Relocate from Ontario to BC.

Very grateful to Bill and his partners from Provincial Moving. Professional from start to finish. Competitive rates, clean and excellent service. Several important items packed by movers arrived in perfect condition. Minor hiccup due to limited access at our new home resulted in 2 items being forgotten during load transfer, but this was corrected within reasonable time. Happy to endorse WLH Moving.

Move size: 3 Bedroom Home Service cost: $6000

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From 1541 reviews of people moving long ditance, we concluded that the market average costs are around $3491 when moving long-distance.

For WLH Moving & Storage, we estimate that their average long-distance moving costs will be around $8257, based on 7 long distance moving reviews.

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