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Most reviews you see on this very page are genuine – that is, they have been left by real life persons who have completed their international moves using the corresponding overseas shipping companies.

Thanks to the advanced multi-level filtering algorithms, our moving reviews system helps you access authentic international movers reviews.

The preparation phase of moving to another country is a meticulous step-by-step process, so Step 1 is all about noting down several top international moving companies and then contacting them for price estimates.

You’re about to move to another country from USA and you may be wondering what you should do to get ready for the toughest relocation scenario there is.

Despite your specific reason or reasons leading to that brave decision, and regardless of whether you’re moving to a new country from your current state or anywhere else in USA, the countdown to your international move has already begun.

Moving abroad will be a major change in your life, and it won’t be long until you find yourself in busy preparation to move from one country to another.

One thing is clear – you’re going to need to find a good international moving company to be your reliable partner during that extremely transitional period.

Your priority task: You need to know that your belongings will be in trustworthy and able hands.

That is why it's of essential importance to search for and find international movers in USA you can trust to move your household items, and possibly even your vehicle, around the globe.

Chapter 1

How to Effectively Find an International Mover You Can Trust

You can’t perform a self-move when you’re moving to another country.

So then you’re going to have to find a reputable, reliable and affordable international moving company and then trust that company with your prized possessions.

So now you are probably asking yourself:

What makes the best international movers in USA THE BEST?

The search for the best international moving companies is not overly complicated but it does involve a few important steps that you must follow to find a trustworthy overseas mover that will provide safe transport of your household goods to the destination country of your choice. To avoid getting lost in all the steps leading to a successful move, it might be a good idea to use a moving checklist.

1Read International Movers Reviews

Top-rated international moving companies really seem to value their reputation and do everything in their power to handle their customers’ belongings with utmost care and proven professionalism. International movers will greatly differ from movers that will move you to another city.

In reality, overseas movers strive to maintain a good track record of keeping people’s belongings safe during the out-of-country move in order to gain the solid reputation required for securing more moving jobs and having more and more clients happy with their international moving services.

One proven method of finding reputable international moving companies is to check their online reputation in the form of customer reviews - the valuable feedback that consumers of international moving services leave after they reach their destination.

Performance rating: International moving company reviews include an overall performance rating (from 1 to 5 stars depending on how smoothly the overseas move has been and how professional the movers have been from start to finish).

Reviews also include:

  • The pickup and destination location of the reviewer.
  • How much they were charged for the move.
  • Some reviewers leave their e-mail so that you can contact them to personally hear what their experience was.
  • The date when the review has been posted.

Most importantly, the international movers reviews will include a short narrative by satisfied or dissatisfied customers about what went right and what went wrong.

How to find trustworthy international movers in USA?

The best way is to read reviews and opinions of people who have used their services.

You can do that by checking out our list of the most reputable international movers.

2Get International Moving Quotes

Before you can settle on an overseas moving company, make sure you get several international moving estimates from country-to-country movers.

After you get contacted by companies via phone or email, you have to have several in-home estimates so that you can select the offer that will be the most agreeable to your budget.

In-home estimates are critical because they will give you a very good approximation of how much your international move will cost.

To get the ball rolling, fill in the cost estimator below to get several international moving estimates from only reputable and licensed movers in USA (most people save around 40% on their moving quotes with this estimator tool).

After getting contacted by moving companies make sure you also ask for an in-home estimate at your home in USA.

Why? The reason is simple enough – ballpark estimates over the phone or via email can never be as accurate as the ones you will receive after a personal on-site survey from the representatives of the international moving companies.

What will happen if you fail to list a furniture piece or omit some other important details that your mover should know in order to prepare a precise price quote?

The usual outcome is that you will be charged extra for the additional weight and volume of the piece – something that won’t occur when you get experienced moving experts at your home to calculate the price the way only they can do.

Therefore the other best option for an accurate estimate is to use one of the popular home inventory apps. For example, the Move Advisor app lets you drag and drop the number and types of items you have in each room of your home.

It minimizes the chance of you forgetting a piece of furniture and getting surprised by the final moving bill (you can even add your garage and basement items).

Getting international moving quotes should be a very easy thing to do because the best international movers out there should be easily accessible in order to set up in-home estimates.

One thing you should keep in mind is that moving to another country is the most complicated and usually the most expensive type of residential relocation, so you should really pay extra attention to the way your moving costs and expenses are calculated.

To avoid unpleasant misunderstandings or even possible disputes with your international mover, make sure all the estimates you receive are in writing.

Also, opt for binding estimates that should have a better chance of reflecting the final price you’ll pay for the international moving service.

Do a thorough check: the written estimates you receive should include not only the final price but also a detailed itemized list of all the international moving services you’re paying for. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to compare the charges offered by the top-rated international moving companies you’ve contacted in the first place.

3Request In-Home cost estimates

The reviews and ratings of international movers in USA will definitely help you make the right decision when it comes to securing a dependable international mover of household goods, but it’s the price you are quoted that will be the deciding factors.

As mentioned above, moving to another country is the most expensive type of household relocation, so you should do everything in your power to cut the moving costs and expenses as much as you can.

Let’s describe the in-home cost estimation process in detail so that you understand what you’re expected to do and what you’re not expected to do while moving experts arrive in your house or apartment for a visual inspection of the things you plan to take with you.

  • Select at least 3 international moving companies
  • Once you have selected several moving professionals in USA with excellent reputation, contact them and have their representatives visit your home to determine first-hand the number and weight of your items, and to do a quick risk assessment of any possible difficulties or problems on Moving day.

  • Try scheduling all estimates in one day
  • If possible, consider scheduling all on-site estimates for one and the same day. A home survey can take anywhere from around 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the company itself, so leaving 2-hour intervals between the scheduled estimate usually works well.

    The advantage of having all the price calculations done in one day is that you’ll have the impressions, the conversations, the answers to your question and of course – the written cost estimates quite fresh in your mind and that should help you make the best decision for you and your family under the presented circumstances.

  • Make sure you show them everything that needs to be moved
  • As soon as the estimators arrive – the ones who work for the respective international moving companies, show them all the things you plan to take with you. Do not miss a thing because if you do, you will be charged more when the movers notice the extra stuff on Moving day.

    Unlike a cross-country move, you really must be very careful what you choose to take with you when moving to a new country altogether.

    For example, moving a piece of furniture will cost you a fortune, and frankly – do you REALLY have to move a furniture piece on an international move? As you will see below, the cubic feet of a household item plays a major role when the cost is determined, it’s not only the weight as is the case with a move within the same country.

  • Be on the same page with decision-making family members
  • In the best case scenario, you should be crystal clear about which items you’re moving by the time the moving experts arrive.

    This is why, any discussions with your spouse, or with another decision-making family member, about what stays behind and what gets moved should be well over before the day of the in-home estimates

  • Have an inventory list when the estimators arrive
  • Speed up the cost estimation process by being ready with an inventory list of ALL the items you want the international removal company to move for you.

    In most cases, some of the items for moving will be valuable, and thus they may require special packing and handling in order to survive the transportation phase

    During the visual survey, the moving experts may recommend that some of the things you intend to move get protected in a specific way, so that’s a good moment to discuss what options you have and how that special treatment for some of your more prized possessions will reflect in the final bill.

    You can be sure that the issue of moving insurance will come up in the conversation at one point too.

4Prepare questions to ask international movers

The in-home surveys performed by some of the best international moving companies are the perfect chance for you to ask all the questions that have been weighing on your mind.

Do not hesitate to ask the international movers ANYTHING – it’s their job to answer your questions confidently and to walk you through the details of your out-of-country move.

You may not have moved to another country before, but they should have detailed knowledge about the international relocation process – after all, it was their years of experience and the outstanding online reputation that made you contact them in the first place, was it not?

Now it’s the time for them to prove that they are the right international mover for you.

Here are some of the most important questions to ask international moving companies:

  • How many years of experience do you have in overseas relocation?
  • Rich experience in successfully handling international moves is a must.

  • Are you licensed for performing international moves?
  • You must verify that the overseas shipping companies are properly licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission.

  • What extra services will you provide and how much will you charge for them?
  • The international moving cost will be based on the distance to the new country, the weight AND the volume of the things for transport, but also on any extra services required for the completion of the job.

  • How will you protect my belongings?
  • Request specific information about how the international movers plan to protect your items during the move.

  • Can I pack my things by myself?
  • This is a vital question because packing your items on your own will let you save money, but you may not be liable for moving insurance that way because the movers cannot know how well you have packed up your stuff.

  • What are my insurance options?
  • You must have an adequate insurance coverage when moving household items to another country because the risk of something bad happening to your valuable possessions is much greater.

  • Which company will handle my belongings in the destination country?
  • The international mover you select will most likely use a partner moving company to pick up your shipment and deliver it safely to your new home. This is why, you need to know who will handle your items in the destination country.

Wondering what else to ask your movers? Here is a list of 30 questions to ask moving companies.

5Compare international moving companies

No two moving companies are the same, of course, and that goes for local movers, cross country movers AND international movers.

Ultimately, the trick to hiring the best international moving company for you is the effective comparison of their relocation offers and the mandatory research to verify their reliability.

When you have all the international moving quotes in your hands, it’s time to sit down and take a more thorough look at them.

The prices on the bottom will probably be the first things you notice anyway, but you should analyze how the final charges have been calculated and the individual costs of each extra service as well.

In addition to the expected protection (packing) and transport of household items (moving), the best international movers also offer an array of extra services such as visa and immigration services, destination orientation, family services, and even housing assistance.

The written moving estimates you have received should be customized to meet your specific requirements – and most importantly, your relocation budget. Every little detail on those international moving quotes should be clear and easy to understand, with transparent pricing and definitely without ambiguities of any kind.

Should you come across something you struggle to understand, make sure you contact the international mover in question and ask for clarification.

6Research the International Movers

Another way to compare international moving companies is to do a little research on the companies you’ve shortlisted. You’ve already checked their online reputation in the form of moving reviews, now it’s time to verify their licensing information.

Federal Maritime Commission

Overseas moving companies must be licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission in order to operate legally in the country.

The website of the Federal Maritime Commission offers a list of ocean transportation intermediaries (OTI) and you should check if the international movers are part of that list of licensed freight forwarders.

FIDI Accreditation

Also, make sure the companies you’re considering are FIDI Accredited International Movers.

FIDI is the primary association for international moving companies, and each association member must comply with the strict quality requirements (protection measures, adequate insurance, etc.) imposed by the association, and are periodically assessed by independent auditors.

International Association of Movers

Finally, do check if the movers are members of the International Association of Movers (IAM).

IAM represents more than 2,000 companies in more than 170 countries around the world. As you can imagine, membership at largest global trade association of the moving and forwarding industry will mean trust and reliability of the international mover whose services you will use.

Chapter 2

What to Do Before Your International Movers Arrive

Moving abroad requires meticulous planning and careful preparation – remember that you’re not just moving across the street, across town or to a neighboring city.

This is a case of relocation to another country with a different culture, different customs, and quite possibly a different language too.

You already know how to find an international moving company, so now it’s time to make sure you are 100% ready for their arrival.

Here’s what you need to do to prepare for your international movers.

1Consult Your Moving Budget

Moving abroad can be very expensive, so you have to be sure that you have enough money to complete the international move without any major financial difficulties. Some costs and expenses for moving to another country include but are not limited to

  • International moving company costs
  • Since it’s impossible to move internationally on your own, you’re going to have to hire the services of an international mover. As a result, you’ll need enough money to be able to pay for those services.

    How much do international movers charge? The only way to answer this question satisfactorily is to request accurate in-home price estimates from various top-rated shipping companies.

  • Travel expenses
  • You, your family members and possibly your pets will need to somehow reach the destination country after all. Unless you’re moving to a neighboring country in your own car, factor in the price of plane tickets and all immediate travel expenses, including the fees for visas and other travel documents.

  • Accommodation costs
  • Do not underestimate the accommodation expenses when you reach the new country: the security deposit and the rents for the first couple of months when moving into a rental property, or the expenses for staying at hotels.

  • Living expenses
  • Moving abroad is never easy, and the first few months will be a living proof for that. When moving internationally, experts advise that you should be able to cover the living expenses for at least 6 months.

    Of course, each relocation case is different and you may not need to worry about the accommodation costs or living expenses if it’s a corporate move – that is, the company you work for is sending you abroad.

  • Emergency costs
  • Nobody knows how your international relocation will pan out, so it’s best if you can set up a contingency fund – that is, money for emergencies.

2Get your paperwork in order

Each international move is associated with a lot of paperwork, and it’s not only the generated moving paperwork. By the time the international moving company comes and knocks on your door, you should have already put all the paperwork in order.

  • Collect all documents
  • Prepare all the personal documents you’re taking with you, documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, medical records, financial documents, etc

  • Check expiry dates
  • Double check the your essential documents – passport, driver’s license, etc. have not expired or are about to expire. Update them if necessary.

  • Apply for a visa
  • Make sure you have applied for a visa to enter the new country, if necessary.

  • Organize well
  • Keep all the move-related paperwork in one folder and keep it by your side at all times.

  • Upload documents to the cloud
  • Scan the most important documents and send them to your e-mail or store them online to have easy access to them from anywhere in case something happens with the documents you’re carrying with you.

3Sort out your household items

The cost of international moving companies is based on the weight and volume of the shipment, the distance to the new country and the specific additional services that you request or are needed for the successful completion of the move.

Therefore, it’s easy to see the best way to reduce the international moving costs – just take only the things you must have with you.

The more ruthless you are when it comes to what to leave behind and what to take with you, the cheaper your move abroad will be, and the easier you will complete the packing task as well.

Before your international moving company arrives to pack your things or to just pick them up in case you’ve decided to and managed to pack up your stuff on your own, you will need to be ready with the task of sorting out your items.

  • Inventory list
  • Decide what you want to take with you when moving to another country. Make an inventory list of the items you plan to move with you.

  • Valuables
  • Go through the inventory sheet once again and identify the items you must take with you no matter what. Such must-take items often include valuables such as small electronic equipment (your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.), jewelry pieces, antique objects, collector’s items, your watch collection, and so on.

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Of course, you’re going to need clothes and shoes as well, so go through your wardrobe or dresser and decide which garments are going with you. Take into account the climate of the destination country when deciding which pieces of clothing and accessories to take and which ones to just leave behind. The same goes for shoes as well.

  • Furniture
  • Do not consider taking any furniture at all – most furniture pieces are large and heavy, and it’ll cost you a fortune to move any of the bulkier furniture pieces anyway. In most cases, the better option is to purchase new furniture upon arrival, if that’s even necessary.

  • Books
  • Books are rather heavy so be very cautious how many books you choose to take with you. To save money, take only the extremely valuable books you own – the ones with which you wouldn’t want to part regardless of where you’re moving to. If you’re an avid reader, then consider getting yourself an e-book reader where you can easily store and transport hundreds of books.

  • Unwanted items
  • Do not take any items you won’t really need. Be smart about your finances and don’t spend money on transporting things that you will most likely wonder what to do with after the international move is complete. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t move outdated or outgrown things, duplicate items, long forgotten items, or even gifts you never really liked anyway.

4Pack your items for moving overseas

Before you decide to pack your things on your own, contact your international moving company and check whether the moving insurance will be valid if the packing job is not performed by professional packers.

In some instances, only the international movers must do the packing so that the shipment remains covered on the road. This is an important piece of information, so remind yourself to ask your overseas movers about it.

If it turns out that you are allowed to do the packing on your own, here are a few packing tips to help you do a good job in protecting your items.

  • Fragile items
  • Each fragile item must be first wrapped in soft packing paper, and then covered in a thick layer of bubble wrap.

    Provide plenty of cushioning materials in the boxes with breakable items in order to immobilize them and thus minimize shifting inside the container and contact with other breakables. Label all such boxes as FRAGILE.

  • Electronics
  • Any expensive and relatively small electronic devices – your smartphone, laptop computer, camera, and so on - should stay with you during the entire country-to-country move. If you must take larger electronic devices such as a TV or a stereo, pack them in their original boxes whenever possible.

    Protect the super fragile LCD screens with cut-out pieces of cardboard. Make sure you fill in the remaining space inside with either anti-static packing peanuts or sheets of bubble wrap and old pieces of clothing. Label the boxes FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE.

  • Furniture
  • As mentioned above, moving furniture to another country is usually a bad idea due to the huge transportation costs most bulky furniture pieces will incur. In the majority of cases, it will be cheaper to purchase new furniture after the move than to haul your old one thousands of miles away.

    However, if you move some furniture – usually antique furniture pieces or ones with high sentimental value, protect their most fragile parts with bubble wrap and wrap them up in thick furniture blankets.

  • Books
  • If you really must take any books with you, pack them in small boxes as they will get heavy too quickly. Wrap them in packing paper and stack them along the sides of the boxes or place them with their open parts facing you, never the other way around in order to protect their spines.

  • Clothes and shoes
  • As mentioned earlier, you should only pack clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the general climatic conditions of the destination country.

    For the best protection available, pack your expensive designer clothes in special wardrobe boxes. However, the downside of those wardrobes boxes is that they take up plenty of space and thus will increase the international relocation cost. For packing casual everyday clothes, use suitcases or medium-sized cardboard boxes.

    For clothes that are too voluminous such as coats, jackets, and as well as for soft bedding such as comforters, pillows, blankets and such, it’s definitely worth packing them into vacuum bags to shrink their volume.

Remember to only pack must-take possessions – the items with high practical, monetary or sentimental value. Anything else you can purchase new or second-hand when you arrive in the new country.

Always think about the transportation costs first and how moving anything non-essential will mean more money out of your own pocket.

5Arrange the shipment of your pets

If you’re a caring pet owner, then you may wish to take your favorite pet with you to the destination country, regardless of whether that pet is a dog (see How to Move with Dogs), a cat (How to Move with Cats), a bird or an exotic animal.

The first thing you should know is that moving a pet to another country is not an easy process and you should be ready to deal with plenty of paperwork and meticulous preparation to make it happen.

A visit to the vet’s office is your first task – after all, you must make sure your lovely animal companion is healthy and ready for the long trip.

Ask the veterinarian for all important documents regarding the international move of your pet and the post-move registration with another vet – such documents include passports, immunization records, and so on.

Also, your pet will need to have a special health certificate – called Airline Veterinary Health Certificate - that shows the animal is fit for air travel. Keep in mind that that health certificate must be issued 7 to 10 days prior to the move.

Then, contact your selected airline company to obtain more relevant information about their current pet policy. Learn about their requirements concerning the pet carrier (size, construction, etc.) or the required paperwork.

Also, you will need to check with the consulate of the destination country whether your pet meets the import requirements. Check the website of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to learn the specific regulations for animal exports by destination countries.

Chapter 3

How Much Do International Movers Cost

You must be really eager to get the answer to this essential question, and that’s perfectly understandable.

During an international move, your money – understand your savings – will be put on the line like never before, so you’re going to have to know how the international moving costs are calculated in the first place.

Only then you will know what you can do to cut the moving costs, if possible.

You already know how to request cost estimates from top-rated international moving companies, so now let’s say a few words about the major factors that will influence the quoted price and what you can do about it.

Remember that international relocation costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis, so you must have in-home cost estimation surveys performed by experienced estimators – that is, representatives from the international moving companies you have pre-selected by having read the genuine customer reviews on this page.

What affects the price of an international move from USA?

Here is a list of the main factors building the move price when moving internationally from or to USA:

  • The moving company itself.
  • The distance to the destination country.
  • The weight and cubic measurement of your possessions.
  • Extra moving services.

Compare offers of relevant moving companies by filling in our free moving quote form.

1The moving company itself

International moving companies rates vary from mover to mover, and that is exactly why you must have 3-4 estimates from different companies so that you can have an actual basis for comparison.

If you only get 1 estimate from 1 international mover (not recommended) or if you schedule several in-home estimates but go with the very first one that comes your way (also not recommended), then you won’t really be able to compare effectively the various relocation offers, and thus choose the one that works best for you.

2The distance to the destination country

Price-wise, it’ll make a huge difference whether you’re moving to a neighboring country or to a country that is half the world away. Generally speaking, the greater the relocation distance, the higher the cost should be due to the increasing transportation costs.

Nevertheless, the move distance to the destination country remains a constant value so you should focus on lowering your international moving costs by moving fewer belongings with you.

3The weight and cubic measurement of your possessions

As explained in detail above, you should be ruthless about what things you take with you when getting ready to move abroad.

As a rule of thumb, it’s a bad idea to move large and heavy household items because their relocation will cost you a fortune. Instead, it’s usually better and cheaper to simply purchase those items once you reach the destination country and move into the new home.

4Extra moving services

Each additional service will cost more, of course. Discuss with your international movers which extra moving services you will need and how much they will charge you for each one.

Some international moving companies tend to offer service package discounts – for example, free packing materials when packing services are requested, so make sure you have it all in writing when getting the cost estimates from the overseas movers.

Get the best moving price by getting your international moving costs estimated properly – request in-home estimates from several top-rated international movers.

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