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Rose Maceneri
Mar 25, 2024
Long-distance move from Brooklyn, NY to Fort Lauderdale, FL


I used OM to move New York to florida. I spoke with Charlie and William, who were great. Very knowledgeable and attentive. I had a horrible experience the first time I moved with a subcontractor company. Charlie gave me great pricing and some packaging free. The moving team was great worked non stop. Great price, they let me use credit card and Zelle. Great experience beginning to end. Very great full to the entire team. Just tell them everything you have and what you need them to do. Send pictures and videos. Thank you OM I would refer anyone to them. True good moving company.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $1804

Thumbnail photo by Rose Maceneri of OM van Lines Second thumbnail photo by Rose Maceneri of OM van Lines
Wayne Masters
Apr 09, 2022
Long-distance move from Showell, MD to Miami, FL

Horrible Company

Price will change when movers get to your place . Complete Rip OFF SCAM ARTIST . Breaks things and do not care or try to fix . Once your money is collected everything changes . From the customer service to the drivers they will not help you . Left my couch outside my apartment because driver didn’t feel like moving it in . Mind you he forced me to pay him first .

Move size: Studio Service cost: $2700

Thumbnail photo by Wayne Masters of OM van Lines Second thumbnail photo by Wayne Masters of OM van Lines
Robert Valdes
Feb 15, 2023
Long-distance move from Annapolis Junction, MD to Decatur, IL

Overall wonderful experience

Fantastic firm. They were prompt upon arrival, provided an accurate quote over the phone, and issued a reminder text message. When moving my belongings, the team was extremely professional and careful. They were patient with me when I questioned their strategy. In my experience, they were both fast and proficient. We confidently endorse it. In terms of payment, there were no surprises. They even assisted me in reassembling the bed. I appreciate it.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $3999

Helene Flor
Jun 27, 2022
Long-distance move from Plainview, NY to Peoria, IL


This company was called to do a job through a broker. First, the team picking up the items stated they didn't need to see the inventory list - they determined cost by where the boxes go to in their truck. They doubled the cubic feet that my first move of the same items was costing an additional $1,500. Besides issues with the broker, the movers finally showed up in Peoria, Illinois at 8:30 at night. They said they never moved the size couch before (queen size sleeper couch). They then proceeded to damage the vinyl tile, scuff and damage walls, and tore the material on one corner of the couch. They thankfully put together the bedroom set, but left all the other furniture items still wrapped in paper and plastic.

Trying to get anywhere with them was horrible, one of the customer service reps (Samantha) was the only person who seemed to want to help. I kept questioning why the cubic feet would double, no response. Everything is pushed off to someone else and you the consumer are left with a larger amount of money being put out. I sent an email with pictures of the damage and got no response, until finally I called to get an update and was told to go to another website to submit my claim. Again, this was sent to them at their email and nobody had the time to get back to me.

Again, BEWARE of them, BEWARE of brokers.

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home Service cost: $5070

Thumbnail photo by Helene Flor of OM van Lines Second thumbnail photo by Helene Flor of OM van Lines
Greg Fisher
Jun 22, 2023
Long-distance move from Clearwater, FL to Pittsburgh, PA

Just Horrible

I had a small and easy move. No steps and no furniture. I Taked with Gary Rogers and he set the whole thing up. They got the deposit, The day of move, what they are moving. It was too good to be true. It was too simple. Until 5 days before the move. I get a call from someone at OM or is a driver. He said that they canceled the move and returned my deposit. Gave no reason. I called Gary Rogers up to ask what is going on. He said maybe one of the trucks broke down. But he said I call a few other places for you. This guy said this. He was going to call other moving companies for me. Why not tell me what happened. Or see why. Because he can't. He does not actually work from OM. He just gets the jobs. He priced my job too low. The drivers would make no money, so they canceled it. There is a lot of bait and switch with movers. Buyer beware. They might work out for you if it and expensive move. But not a small move.

Move size: Partial Move Service cost: $1800

Official company response

We never serviced this move this a false review.

Jackie Cole
Oct 05, 2023
Long-distance move from Hackettstown, NJ to Madison, AL

Steer Clear!!!

I will first start with the positive of this company. Gary the salesman was very polite and responded promptly to my phone call. The movers were great on both the NJ end and Alabama end. Aside from that, Steer clear of this company.

On the day of the move after packing all of our belongings onto the truck, they told us that it was going to be double what they estimated.

They low ball estimates to get you to go with their company.

Although Gary was very nice and followed through on all of my questions, at the end of the day he's just another shady salesman.

Their customer service representative was not any better. Michele from customer service refused to acknowledge their estimate was not even in the ballpark of what it should have been. She actually said that it should have been even higher than double the amount. We are reasonable people and understand that an estimate can change, but never by that amount. We were held hostage with no other way to get our belongings to Alabama.

So, if you want to use this dishonest company good luck. It has been two weeks, and we are still waiting for our sales rep to get back to us.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $7200

Official company response

We sorry to hear that our service didn't meet your exceptions, our customer service department is ready to assist you at any time so we can resolve your complaint. Please reach out to us at 1-800- 517-0191 Ext 3 and we will make it right

Becky Birchler
Dec 19, 2023
Long-distance move from Lexington Park, MD to Tennyson, IN


Can we get together and sue this company? I believe it’s time for a class action law suit. I just dealt with them on November 2023. This company is terrible like everyone says. They damaged every single one of my items and sent drivers who were extremely unprepared. You should see the pictures I have of the inside of their truck. Boxes in complete disarray, it’s no wonder they lost my bed side table.

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home Service cost: $3000

Thumbnail photo by Becky Birchler of OM van Lines Second thumbnail photo by Becky Birchler of OM van Lines
Jyoti Reddy
Jul 27, 2022
Long-distance move from Ellicott City, MD to Weymouth, MA

Horrible customer service

I contacted City Moving Group to schedule a pick and delivery since I am relocating from MD to Ma. City Moving group charged me 1535$ and put me in touch with Om Van Lines. Since I didn’t have a Ma delivery address at the time of pick up on 7/21/2022 I requested the items be kept in storage. Once I obtained an address I requested the delivery date to be Thursday 7/27. The customer service lady called me this morning to confirm the delivery for 7/27 then called back saying it could be only 8/1. She was very rude on the phone sounded threatening. Very sad and disappointed! No one should have to go through this. Very very disheartening. I don’t even know if the items will be delivered on 8/1! This company definitely needs to improvise on customer service. Please give jobs to people who need them and please provide adequate training.

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home Service cost: $4200

Michelle Moore
Sep 29, 2022
Long-distance move from Newark, NJ to Atlanta, GA

Worst service ever

My couch was stained, broken chair, broken tv stand, they left my vacuum behind and then lost it and the over charged for a horrible service.

Move size: Studio Service cost: $4000

Thumbnail photo by Michelle Moore of OM van Lines Second thumbnail photo by Michelle Moore of OM van Lines
Tamir Peleg
Sep 02, 2022
Long-distance move from Cambridge, MA to Palo Alto, CA

Warning: they will cancel on you and leave you hanging without a move

Beware of this company. 100% The worst customer experience of my life!!!!!!! They canceled on me 3 days before the scheduled move date and left me without movers when I need to clear the apartment and had a flight the day after the move! All during peak moving season at the end of August.

The representative that called me for this cancellation was rude and unilaterally canceled on me without giving me the time to consider the options she gave me. Just a terrible experience.

I booked with OM Van-Lines a move from MA to CA four months before the moving date. They had the lowest price among all movers and committed to my desired date. A few weeks prior to the move I asked to verify that we are all set for it and got a confirmation over e-mail that everything is as planned. The same happened a week prior to the scheduled date, this time over the phone. Three days before the move I get a call from OM requesting to change the date because they don't have a truck available. I told them I have to clear my apartment so it's not possible. The lady on the phone, Samantha, said they will not be able to do the move on the agreed date so my options are a day later or cancellation and getting my deposit back. I told her I will check with my landlord and all of a sudden while doing it, I got an e-mail that the move had been canceled and a refund was issued. I had to book with another company, 3 days ahead of the move. I was lucky to find anything. Of course, I had to pay a premium for this last-minute booking.

So be aware. They will book your move for a low price and if they have an opportunity they will cancel on you to get someone who might pay more, and they leave you hanging, no strings attached. With all the stress around moving, especially cross-country, this is the last thing you need.

Move size: Studio Service cost: $1661

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We at OM Van Lines have years of experience in the moving industry. We know that making a cross-country or cross-street move can be stressful and complicated. The quality of our services is of the utmost importance to us, striving to relieve you of potential stress.

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This company is doing business as OM Logistics and Trucking LLC.

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To legitimately perform interstate moves, moving companies must be registered with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Click on the OM van Lines license numbers for the government record information:

ICC MC number: 1124878
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US D.O.T.: 3453290
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is OM van Lines cost for interstate moves?

From 28936 reviews of people moving long ditance, we concluded that the market average costs are around $5518 when moving long-distance.

For OM van Lines, we estimate that their average long-distance moving costs will be around $3950, based on 122 long distance moving reviews.

This could mean that long-distance moving services costs of OM van Lines for moving between states is cheaper with about 28% from the market average.

Note that these long-distance moving prices vary from the prices you will get if you contact the company, since these costs are extracted solely from reviews data and not the moving company. In addition, move prices can vary greatly because of factors like shipment size and distance between locations as well as supplemental services like packing and assembly. This is why you should compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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The market averages are generated from reviews on our review sites from the last 3 years. To get more precise moving quotes, please consider using our moving estimator.

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