Two men and a moving truck


  • Hiring two men and a moving truck can prove to be a great option when you’re moving locally.
  • You have to know how much two men and a moving truck cost to make the best decision for you and your family.
  • Understanding what services local movers offer will give you greater flexibility to pay less when moving house.
  • Use these practical tips to save money when hiring two movers and a truck.

Moving locally is supposed to be (a lot) easier than moving across the country. However, this is not always the case.

You should know that the success of your house move will depend primarily on the level of your preparation. It’s easy to figure out that the better prepared you are, the greater your chances of having a smooth, problem-free local move.

Ultimately, it all comes down to making the right decisions when it matters the most.

For example, it’s a bad judgment call to disassemble, pack, and transport your queen-size bed to the new home only to find out that you don’t actually need that large and heavy furniture piece after the move.

On the other hand, it can surely be the right call to hire two men and a moving truck to help you protect and move your belongings much more quickly and safely than you could ever manage on your own.

You simply have to know how much two men and a moving truck cost. Also, you should understand their moving services and the corresponding charges so that you can make an informed decision that will benefit greatly you and your family.

Here’s everything you need to know about hiring two men and a moving truck – from how much local movers charge and what services they offer to specific tips that will help you save money and make things easier for you.

When should you hire two men and a moving truck?

When you’re moving across the country – for instance, moving to another state, then your first thought should be to hire one of the best interstate moving companies in your area. Why?

The greater the distance is to the new home, the bigger the risks will be if you try to organize a DIY move. There are just too many things that can go wrong during a long-distance self-move – after all, when was the last time you drove a large truck hundreds or even thousands of miles across the entire country?

But when you’re moving locally – staying within a 50-mile radius and never leaving the state of origin, then you’ll have a real chance of pulling off a successful DIY move.

In such cases, deciding whether you should hire local movers or move by yourself proves to be the most critical decision during the entire relocation.

Hire Movers or Do It Yourself: 10 Questions to Help You Decide

Despite the fairly short distance of your house move, using the services of a professional moving company is often the right choice provided that you’ve done your homework and do hire the best local movers in your city or town.

Briefly, here’s when you should consider hiring two men and a moving truck:

  • No friendly help. You know that your friends won’t be willing to give you a hand when packing up your home, moving large and heavy furniture out of the place, and loading those heavyweight items into the moving van.
  • No experience. You don’t have any previous house-moving experience, meaning that this is the first time you’re trying to organize a house move.
  • Not enough time. If you don’t have enough time to prepare adequately for Moving day, then hiring local movers is the only option for you to be able to move out of your current place before the deadline. This is usually the case during emergency moves when you have to vacant the house or apartment as quickly as possible.
  • Bulky furniture. If you do choose to take some bulky furniture units with you – you will never part with your antique chest of drawers – then you should definitely consider hiring professional movers who have the skills and equipment to move large furniture safely.
  • Specialty items. Are you moving any specialty items with you? If you’ve made up your mind to take your grandfather clock, your pool table, or your hot tub with you, then you’ll have no choice but to trust a local moving company to help you out.
  • Anxiety. You have never driven a moving van before and you’re scared to drive it all by yourself to the new place. After all, driving a moving truck is different from driving a standard car in almost all aspects.

7 Reasons to Hire Movers: Why Hire a Moving Company?

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How much do two men and a moving truck cost?

Now here’s the big question:

How much does it cost to hire two men and a moving truck?

The answer to this very question will determine to a large extent your next move. You will have to know the cost of two movers and a truck before you make up your mind to hire their services.

  • Two men and a moving truck are local movers, meaning that they will charge by the hour (on an hourly basis);
  • On average, two movers and a truck charge approximately $160 per hour (or roughly $80 per hour per mover);
  • Hiring an additional mover will cost you an extra $80 per hour per mover but they should be able to finish the job more quickly;
  • The exact rates for two men and a moving truck will depend on the location in the country, the local moving company, and the season you’re moving in (moving rates are the highest during the peak of the moving season – that is, during the summer;
  • The time required by two movers and a truck to complete the local move will depend on the size of the home and the nature of the household items found in it;
  • The hourly charges of two men and a moving truck will apply regardless of whether your local movers are packing up, loading, or transporting them to the new place.
Home SizeMoversHoursAverage Cost
Studio Apartment23$480

Note that the above costs are only approximate values and the two movers and a truck you hire may charge you more (or less) depending on several factors.

The only way you can learn the cost of two men and a moving truck in advance is to request free moving quotes from the best local moving companies near you.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Local Movers?

What services do two men and a moving truck offer?

Hiring local movers
The local movers you hire will be there to give you a hand.

One of the most important things you should know when hiring two men and a moving van is that each additional service that you request will cost you extra money because the move will take longer to complete.

Remember that local moving companies charge by the hour, so the longer a house move takes, the more expensive it will be in the end.

Here are the most common additional services offered by two men and a moving truck:

  • Packing. The movers you hire will pack up your things, load them up into their moving van, and transport them to the new address. The price of packing materials may or may not be included in the hourly charge so don’t forget to ask the movers about that extra expense.
  • Temporary storage. Your local movers may offer the extra service of temporary storage for your items in case you need your stuff to be delivered to the new address at a later time. Discuss all the details with the pros in advance.
  • Extra charges. The local moving company you hire may charge you extra money for any special circumstances that make the house move more difficult – for example, long flights of stairs, a non-functioning elevator, a long walk from the entrance of the house or apartment block to the moving truck.
  • Travel fee. The 2 men and a truck you hire will usually charge you a travel fee as well – it’s the time they need to reach your home from their main office. In the majority of cases, the travel fee equals one hour of moving labor.
  • Moving insurance. You may wish to purchase extra insurance for your items for peace of mind. If so, speak with your local moving company about it – they should be able to offer you proper moving insurance from a third party – an insurance company they work with.

What Additional Services Do Movers Offer?

Practical tips when hiring two men and a moving truck

Follow these tips so that you can pick the best local movers in your area AND save hard-earned money in the process.

After all, your goal should be to pay as little money as possible when you’re using the services of two men and a moving truck.

  • Hire top-rated local movers. Naturally, you’ll want to work only with the best local mover near you. Use our Moving Cost Calculator to get in touch with licensed, experienced, and insured short-distance movers who will offer the help you need.
  • Compare the movers. When you get a few offers from local moving companies, how do you choose the best one in terms of price, services, and conditions? Make sure you know how to compare movers so that you pick the best one for you and your family.
  • Be careful what you move. Be smart and take with you only the things you really love and you do intend to use in the near future. Hauling useless items to the new homes will only cause you a headache on several levels – you’ll pay more for their transportation and you’ll need to find proper storage space in the new home. So, do the right thing and declutter your home before your two men and a moving truck arrive.
  • Earn some cash. By the time your local movers arrive, you should know which items you will take with you and which ones you will leave behind. And here’s a great idea that can help you earn some good money before you move out: what don’t you organize a moving sale to try to sell all the things you’re not taking with you?
  • Pack whatever you can by yourself. When you’re hiring 2 men and a moving truck, you must realize that time is money. The longer it takes the pros to pack up your stuff, the more money you will pay them in the end. So, why don’t you follow a packing checklist to pack whatever items you can by yourself? This way, you’ll shorten the move duration and save big money in the meantime.

How to Cut Moving Costs: 15 Ways to Save Big

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  1. I disagree with having to tip the movers. The movers should be doing a good job handling all your goods regardless; therefore, why should a tip be involved. They get paid a normal wage from their employer and are expected to provide great customer service. This is not like a server who only makes $2 per hour and has to put up with the rudest of rude customers. No way should I have to tip my movers, bottom line, they are there to move your materials and are getting a set amount of money. They are not “going the extra mile” because it is expected of them to be courteous and handle with care no matter what.

    1. You should always tip your movers. They are handling all of your personal belongings and working for 8-10 dollars an hour. You tip your pizza man a couple bucks for bringing you a few pies. Moving furniture is one of the most physical jobs with not great pay. Very rude not to tip them if they do a great job. I’ve been moving for 5 years and an average tip per move is $100 a piece. I feel sorry for the guys that ever have to move you.

      1. Chris, I think that $100.00 a piece is a bit much. I have used them in the past and have given them $20.00 per guy and that was plenty. Yes they work hard, but so do others in the service industry. You keep spending the big $$$ and the rest of us will do what we can afford.

      2. Chris, I wish there were more people like you in this world. If you can afford to pay movers, you can afford to tip. 100.00 makes a whole family happy when they only make about 300/WK. These guys work hard.

        1. Sorry Blair but not all of us use movers because we can afford them. My husband and I are in our late 70s, in poor health with no family near so if we move we will have to use movers. At the price we have been quoted to pack and move us to Austin Tx from Sacramento CA I don’t feel that I will be paying a $110 apiece tip. We are on a fixed income and will struggle to meet moving costs.

      3. Wow! $100 a person – I was going to use movers but for $100 a person for a tip I rather give the money to my friends teenage kids. I will take the chance of them dropping something – I have nothing that isn’t replaceable that is why I was going to use movers anyways. Chris you shouldn’t have been the first reply – it has turned me down from hiring movers and I can afford them that is not the issue. I like tip people what I feel is right not be pressured to a $100 tip for an hour job per mover. Thanks for leading me to make the decision to get the kids to help – I am sure they could use the money and would appreciate the offer verse expecting it!

        Movers shouldn’t charge a rate you should just say tips only then you might get the $100 or $600 tip you are looking for!

      4. I tipped 4 moving men 50.00 each. They demanded 100.00 each. I gave it to them. $400.00 When my stuff arrived at the new place, all my stuff was picked over. Sugar bowls with no cover, stainless silverware for 13 totally stolen, antiques were smashed, stolen, broken legs off chairs, that had been THROWN, broken lamps that were broken and glued back together, stolen pizza stone, stolen white ceramic dishes and bowls, broken china donkey, and I paid 4 grand for that move, on top of the 400.00 tip. I will never tip one cent again, until all my stuff arrives in its new destination, in perfect condition. All my stuff was in a totally different truck, at the arrival destination. Never again. I will get a pod next time that I padlock! The name of this crooked corporation was Colonial Van Lines.

      5. No, you tip the pizza guy because he does nearly all fo the work for less than minimum wage and has to supply his own vehicle and gas.

    2. Brian… Chris is saying that tips are a must. I think your comment is meant for Gina..she’s the inconsiderate one.

    3. Gina that is just the rudest thing ever. You clearly do not consider the fact that the movers have to come in and pack all of your stuff …and then do back breaking work to move your entire house.. in one day. For $10 per hour AT BEST. You’re telling us that doesn’t deserve a tip? That’s just awful.

      1. It’s their job to move… not to get tips… if the work is too much for them at their pay rate then they need to find another job…. there is a ton of people who would be willing to work just as hard without expecting tips. It’s a job they already got paid to do.

        1. I agree with Bob. I’d like to take this whole thing in another direction though as well.

          Housekeepers in hotels, hospitals, etc. work so very hard and also are required to lift heavy things..utilize ladders, etc, and have low hourly pay. When is the last time all of you who say the movers should be given a big tip – tipped a housekeeper?

      2. Amanda, I certainly hope you platform just as hard for women and their pay.

        I told my neighbor Rosemary every week for a year that i could tell by the sound coming from her engine that her timing chain was about to go. Every week she ignored me.

        Then, the other neighbor Doug, stood right next to me and told Rosemary, “You know, you ought to get that timing chain looked at; sounds like its loose.” She said thanks.

        Two days later, Doug and I were standing in Rosemary’s driveway when she looked at him and said, “Thank you so much Doug, the mechanic said i made it just in time to fix that chain.” I told Rosemary, “I’ve told you that same thing for weeks all year, but you never responded.” Rosemary replied, “Yes, but he’s a man, he knows what he’s talking about.”

        So Amanda, by any chance are you related to Rosemary?

        Also note Mandy, just because Gina, or whoever, says something that you do not agree with – does not make that person “rude”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – even mindless women like you. I feel sorry for you; you haven’t had enough life experiences to formulate and educated opinion.

      3. They are the ones who chose to work at $10/hr. $100 per person is OUT OF THE QUESTION! 20 each at the most!

      4. Why do you deserve tips if it’s your job? I am a teacher at an Autism school. I provide teaching service to my clients, get bitten, smashed to the face, and I sometimes help lift students over 150lbs+ and I get no tip. Plus, I was sent to the emergency twice for injuries. Cheap pay, 24,600/year for all hard jobs and we, the teachers never ask for tip. We choose the jobs, stop complaining or change jobs. Nothing rude here, it’s fair

        1. Wrong profession my friend. You chose that job. Vegas locals know all about hard work and tipping for services rendered.

    4. I do believe that you should tip your movers. They are working hours moving you at a relatively low wage of pay. However, I think the amount should be up to you, not a set amount. It all depends on what you can afford. If Chris, for instance, can afford $100, that’s what he should tip. I, myself, have medical issues & am on disability & can’t work anymore, have to have movers since I cannot move myself, but cannot afford that, so I tip as much as I can afford to give them. I have always done that; when I did work, it was more in line with Chris. I think they are grateful for whatever they get; the fact they you acknowledge them, and the hard work they put in. The last move I had, I tipped, and regretfully, hated that I did, because they robbed us blind by stealing our jewelry. 🙁 Court is coming up next week.

      1. I am looking at hiring movers. I think I have way to much stuff to handle in a timely manner to rent a u-haul or Ryder truck. HOWEVER, my first thought before reading into any of these comments “I think my jewelry, computers, small and valuable stuff will ride in the car with me BEFORE the movers even show up to pack”. It only makes sense, right? Who the hell lets a total stranger walk into your bedroom and pack up loose rings, necklaces, gold, what have you and not think that somebody might be tempted! All of these comments seem so common sense to me. If the guys hustle and truly treat you like a human being and thankful for your business, why not slip them a few bucks extra? Treat them to Pizza or something. Have a few soft drinks available. Treat them like you would like to be treated including keeping away temptations! Is it really that difficult to put your jewelry in your underwear suitcase in the trunk of your car and follow the truck? It makes me think you did it on purpose to get a free move and get a couple guys fired. My 2 cents

    5. Seriously Brian…all SERVICE should get tips??? When was the last time you tipped your Dr, Fireman, teacher or nurse…after all they are SERVICE……

    6. I believe many of you are missing a very big point. When people accept a job, they do so understanding the conditions that cover the work to be performed, and the pay scale the employer will pay for that job.

      This is called work. Work by it’s nature can be hard, some of us are able to get better working conditions due to a Varity of variables which make us more or less valuable to an employer. Such as education, special skills, and experience.

      To say that every who provides a service in the performance of their job should be tipped is short sighted. Every job performs a service for someone.

      Manufacturing job provide a service to all of the people who need and want the items that are being manufactured.

      Have you ever tipped a auto worker for building you a great car, a nurse for taking your tem., or bringing your medications.

      Do you tip you police for catching bad guys and crooks?
      How about to postman for bring your mail to your home or place of work.

      Do you tip the stewards of a plane for seeing to your comfort, or the pilot for a smooth flight.

      In 40 years I have been in the work force, I have never been tipped a single time. There are only a very few industries where tipping is common, and that was created by a restaurant industries to cheap to pay their servers a reasonable wage for the work they perform.

      Think about your jobs, how many of you actually get tipped for the work you perform.

      One of the people I appreciate most is my doctor, but I don’t tip him if he takes time to visit me in the hospital.

      The wage a person gets paid, for the most part has nothing to do with tipping, after all who decides that a person takes a job for the wages they receive they receive, you or them?

      1. Excellent response. I appreciate every job and it’s requirements, and tip generously. However, after using a professional interstate mover, having them arrive 26 days later with my damaged, missing and molded belongings I foolishly tipped them. My advice to all is to make ABSOLUTELY SURE you hire a firm only after checking their reviews, and after an inventory is made after the move. A tip can always be forwarded. Trust is being abused by everyone in the service industry. And remember trust is earned. If a person can be a mover, then they can obviously handle a labor intensive job. There are choices for these folks whether they might be optimum or not.

    7. You ever try to lift a 150 lb. dresser up three flights of stairs? Most people cannot or would hurt themselves. All other service industries can be performed by anyone. Not everyone can lift heavy furniture for hours at a time.

    8. Gina, you should always tip movers. The amount varies on how hard they work and how much the person hiring them can afford. When people decide to take a job with a moving company, tips factor into their decision making

    9. I worked as a mover for 16 years, and yes we do go the extra mile…well, some of us. Let’s say your move was estimated for six hours. Skilled workers can save you money, I know I did. I would beat estimates for customers, to save them money. What would you rather have…guys that do a mediocre job, don’t pad things, and don’t treat your property with care, and ‘take their time’..or guys who really take pride in what they do, are good at it, and ‘go the extra mile’ to save you money. Tell you what, if people continue to treat even the good ones with a little gratitude, and yes that means a few bucks, we are going to change our ways and stick it to you. A mover can easily make a three hour move take five or six. It is a simple formula..treat others well and they will go the extra mile for you, don’t and we’ll do the job but don’t expect any motivation to get it done any time soon. That’s life, and for the work movers do..they really don’t get paid nearly enough. I have had some real shit moves in my time that were not worth it at all. People can really stick it to us, big time, and the employer doesn’t care..he’s not going to pay us more to do the job, and movers are one of the hardest working jobs out there. Football players i’ve moved have said ‘I don’t know how you do it’. As Chris said, I feel sorry for the guys who had to move you.

      1. Great to hear from someone who has actually done this job. For me, when in doubt, tip. It’s always appreciated and rarely refused. The way I think about it, if someone does something for me that I could not possibly do myself, I’m going to offer a bigger tip. Your conscience will guide you as to how much to tip. How appreciative are you? What would you do without them? In my experience, it is not necessarily the amount of the tip, but showing of appreciation, offering water, letting them use the bathroom in your house, etc… all things kind and respectful of what they are doing for you. I have found that even when I can’t tip a lot, service people are just so happy to get any tip at all and to be treated kindly. But, you got some crazy heavy large things for them to move? You should be ready to tip heavy and large.

      2. My husband worked for an Antique dealer and delivered and installed the furniture purchased. This often invoiced moving other furniture in the homes/offices or transferring pieces to other locations. Not direct mover, but let me tell you how amazing it is to watch a talented experience person do this type of job. The job is done cleanly, quickly and with care to the furniture and and the walls etc.Having padding, packing materials etc at hand. Also, he became aware of noting any damage or imperfection before moving a pieces so his company was not liable. Finally he carried a small vacuum with him for after the job. His standard to other movers or delivery people has been $20 each if respectful, capable and do the basics with no damage. We have gone as high as $100 to a mover who brought a piano to our house and calculated that it had to be carried around the house and into the back door (my husband agreed) they did not report to their company the extra work and really took no additional time. He earned that tip!

    10. I only tip good service I won’t tip if you do a tacky job my money my choice. If you don’t like your job Quit! Don’t expect me to pay for your problems when I have my own. Good service great tip bad service NO TIP! Deal with it.

      1. I only tip good service I won’t tip if you do a tacky job my money my choice. If you don’t like your job Quit! Don’t expect me to pay for your problems when I have my own. Good service great tip bad service NO TIP/LOW TIP! Deal with it.

    11. Tipping, and amount tipped, almost always boils down to your personal character and beliefs. So, in that regard, your true colors are pretty tremendously dismal. All of the other jobs you mentioned make a set amount as well. You don’t “have” to tip anyone. Most people do so to avoid discomfort or because they believe it is expected of them socially. Tipping is much more about genuine compassion and gratitude, and less about rationalizing all of the reasons someone “shouldn’t” be tipped.

    12. I think you would agree that if the 2 men move as if they are in a hurry and not walking slow, they should get a tip because they charge by the hour. In the 2 moves that I used 2 men and a truck, these men actually run back into the home to get the next item. They wasted NO time. And it took less time than the estimate. I felt they earned every bit of the $100 EACH I gave them. Of course, I didn’t expect them to load at a track meet speed and furthermore, if they would of moved at a snails pace, no tip.

    13. I completely agree with you. I’ve used movers 3 times, all different types of moves. The thought never even occurred to me to tip them!! I of course, offered them water, tea coffe or pop. I have also bought donuts for a morning move, or pizza for an afternoon move.

    14. Tipping your mover is a courtesy not a demand, however your average guy moving you goods only makes around $10.00/hr starting out. they tend to top out at $15.00. So when you have someone breaking their backs, sometimes literally then they deserve a little extra compensation. And to say that they are not dealing with the rudest of rude people like servers then I will assume you have never moved furniture before. Movers are overworked and underpayed but sometimes its the only job they can find. Dont be quick to jump to a conclusion until you have walked a mile in a movers shoes literally.

    15. Wow, you people are greedy. Not only is it chintzy not to tip but you folks are not street smart either. Imagine your children taking a part time job in the service industry. Would you want them to get $20.00 for a tip or $100.00. I bet I know the answer. Please don’t tell me thats not the point…….Bottom line, they are in possession of all your belongings. They work hard at moving them for you. Not worth being cheap over a $40-$100 tip pp.

    16. Wow, lots of cheap people on here.
      If somebody provides you a service directly you tip them. Case closed. If you can afford moves you are afford to give them a tip.

  2. Moving is a service and although tipping isn’t required it is appreciated. My stylist is expected to do a good job, be careful and polite – I tip her. I tip all kinds of various services I pay for.

  3. I suggest anyone in the real world, Gina you are excluded, tip movers or anyone else in the service industry which you feel deserve it. It doesn’t need to be a huge amount, and you should only tip an amount you can afford. I think 10% is a good amount for a mover but I have heard up to 20% in some cases.

    Don’t forget to tip each crew as well, packers will typically not be the same crew that moves you, etc. Say the local move costs $1000 and the crew is 4 guys, I would suggest $25 -$50 per guy ($50 if it is difficult or in bad weather). When I was a mover in my previous life I personally received $300 for myself and 2 other guys for a days worth of work, but that was for a difficult move in the snow.

    In reality you will know what to tip someone and whether they deserve it. I tip my trash guys every holiday and my ups driver. Everyone probably doesn’t do it, but I like to show them that I appreciate their effort and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I can say that I have never had a soggy package delivered or an extra bag of trash sitting on the curb when I came home. I cannot say the same for some of my neighbors, Gina may be one of them.

  4. I agree $100 is a lot for a tip, especially for someone who already makes above minimum wage. While I agree with tipping for exceptional service in certain industries, I don’t think a tip is required for someone simply doing their job. Where does the tipping end? At Target, I have the option to check myself out or have an employee ring me up. Should I tip them for providing that service? When I go to the hospital, should I be tipping my nurse if she is extra attentive? (I’m a nurse by the way…wouldn’t that be nice?) Should I tip Jiffy Lube for changing my oil in a jiffy? Almost every job has some aspect of customer service these days, and just because you deal with a customer or provide a service doesn’t mean you need to get a tip. It’s getting ridiculous that everyone thinks they should get a tip just for doing the job they are already paid to do.

  5. Having worked in the service industry as a waiter and in other jobs, I fully realize the importance of tips. Tipping should only be for exceptional service, not for doing the job that was contracted for. And $20 per mover is more than enough. The moving company should be paying their employees a fair wage. If not, shop elsewhere. The idea that we should tip so a minimum service level is maintained such as ensuring that our garbage is removed as contracted for is absurd. Also, what happened to pride in a job well done.

  6. Hey Brandon! Try budgeting and being fiscally responsible. Then you won’t have to use a moving review site to vent your sad one-sided political opinions.

    Anyway. I love the ‘two men and a truck’ brand. They have moved me several times and I always tip and sometimes a small gift. They are always grateful. I haven’t the slightest idea why someone wouldn’t tip, unless of course they received poor service.

    Happy Moving

  7. I agree with Gina. Not everyone can afford to tip extra for a job that is already being paid for. Especially If you get paid hourly the same amount as the movers. For some people who do not have help from friends, there is no choice but to contact a moving company. I am not going to pay 2 days worth of pay plus just give away 2 weeks worth of lunch on a tip.

    1. People who make the same money as the movers generally move themselves with the help of friends because they cannot afford to pay a mover. You do not want to tip don’t but don’t act like they expect it.

      1. “People who make the same money as the movers generally move themselves with the help of friends because they cannot afford to pay a mover” That has to be the most asinine comment I have ever read.

  8. If you want to get technical. Everyone provides a service. Teachers, police, doctors, lawyers, finance, accountants, firemen, mail carriers, even radio DJs…the list goes on. Not 1 person in that list would I tip. I pay people to do their job not EXPECT a tip. If I pay a moving Co for a local move ($500-$1000) for 1 day of work probably 100/hr, I highly doubt I tip. Do you tip your lawn company, garage carrier, the person building your house? I hope not, service industry doesn’t mean tipping industry.

    1. I always sent a monetary gift to my kids teachers. I always tip the garbage guys and mail carriers at Christmas. I do tip the guys who do my yard work. The company makes a lot of money but pay these hard working valuable employees just a bit above minimum wage. If you do not want to tip, don’t tip. Just don’t ask me to be like you.

    2. Kerpluk01- here’s where your argument is flawed: there are regulations that preclude all of your mentioned occupations from accepting tip. That’s not the case for movers.

      In addition, let’s take something into consideration: movers are not a necessity; you don’t HAVE to hire movers. You can move your entire house yourself. Plus- movers are doing a job that others do not want to do themselves. Simply put- people are hiring movers because they don’t want to move their own house, but are making others do it.

  9. I believe tipping is a custom in most countries not a mandate. However after saying that , I personally love to tip and tip generously ! The Gina’s of this world are fine people, however, I believe they are missing the point and the blessing of blessing others. I get charged $10 for a hair cut at a Vietnamese barber shop , I tip the sweet lady $10 because she does a great job and I feel good about it. When I pay anyone for moving me , I tell them up front they will receive a generous tip at the end of the day. I ask them , would they do me the courtesy of an extra careful job? And 100% of the time not one item is broken or damaged in any way.

  10. I agree with Chris. Giving Tips to the movers is fine. They take care of our belongings and make sure that everything is in good shape.

  11. WOW, I guess you should tip your banker, car dealer, and everyone else who handles all your personal stuff. I got a good one, why not tip the hospital because they are taking care of the most precious things in our lives or HEALTH.

    1. I would if they were doing all the hard work and getting paid minimum wages while the company makes big bucks for scheduling. I have never regretted giving a tip to anyone but have felt lowdown and stingy when I did not.

  12. As the owner of a moving company, I would like to say a few words about this tipping debate…

    Although tipping is never mandated, it certainly is appreciated. Especially if it is a heavy or difficult move.

    Most consumers don’t think twice giving their waiter/waitress a nice tip for bringing out a meal to them from the kitchen to their table. Why not do the same to the guy who hauls a truck full of furniture and appliances for them across town, state or country?

    We do pay our guys a fair wage, but it certainly shall not be considered a high paying job. It is a service after all, and if the guys who come out to your home provide a service for you that you are appreciable for, by all means, go ahead and tip accordingly.( BTW, I have found that only about a third of customers actually do give a tip.)

    Although I like to believe that my guys pay equal care and attention to every job, it is true that those who provide an assurance of a tip at the end of the job tend to get a little better service than those who don’t. Human nature, after all…

    1. I don’t normally tip for run of the mill services (except waitresses, waiters–the wife and I have appx 90 yrs combined in the food services industry from dishwasher, waitress, cook and management) BUT–I always provide a tip for exceptional service! In the case of movers (especially the independent companies) I tell the movers they can expect a tip before they start. Some call it a tip, some call it bribery, but $20 per person is cheaper than having to file an insurance claim! I have moved several times and have NEVER had a single broken item!

    2. If you must tell them upfront that a tip is forthcoming for excellent care, they do not deserve it. Those who deserve a tip are those who use care and caution with your belongings just because they are on the job. Do a good job, and if tip comes in, good, if not maybe the person couldn’t afford to tip.

  13. As a truck driver, I am a part of the service industry, and most don’t understand the “whats” we go thru.

    Department of Transportation regulations, hours of service regulations, split speed limits in a number of states, pressure ( at times ) to get from point a to b, often rude customers at the pick up ( shipper ) /and or delivery ( consignee ) point, as well as a number of people who drive cars that often want to play chicken with a vehicle much larger than them, should I be expecting a tip to do the job I asked for ? I do good to get a thank you, or a addaboy after everything is said and done and over with.

    Is this section about tips, or, how this company performs a job ?

    1. I got to debate this. First time looking at this site, oh boy! Man. I have been moving household goods for 14yrs. Worked for Atlas Van Lines and North American. I handle all crews, ordering supplies, warehouse handling, forklift driver, packing, loading, and hauling shipments all over. 90% is for our military families. Really enjoy repaying our armed forces with my services. This is not a job that u throw in a truck, throw off. Tt is a skill you establish over years (STILL LEARNING, WE ALL ARE). YES a mover can put on truck drape a pad and to eye appeal looks good. RIGHT GUYS??? OK, as for myself I take pride in what I do, it same pay evertime, but I like to hear “thank you” and your one of the best I’ve seen in 20 yrs of moving my family.”It aint much, but I got 10 bucks for you dinner”, that a good day. Not getting 100 tip. Just thank you and I’m telling all my friends about you and your crew. Not saying it is not nice to get 100. My family loves to go eat dinner together too. It is hard work, give those guys water, soda, a sandwich, and a thank you ($ if possible). It got further with your movers and quality work that YOU are paying for.

  14. Kathi the stores are all owned by differnt people and just because two guys messed up you blame everyone great logic

  15. The economy is better than it has been in years. This is not the forum for you to spew ignorant statements but to comment n the quality of the services they offer.

  16. I am so sick about tipping everybody stays there with there hands out. I worked for 40 years in the mine and nobody ever tip me…

  17. Exactly Brandon, even left wingers won’t admit that when they heard his campaign slogan promising to bring us “Hope & Change”. Not even they realized at the time that he meant that literally, and that hope and some pocket change, was all we’d have left in the end.

  18. Owners of businesses should pay their employees a good salary/hourly, but our lousy government does not care to see that this is done. Then there would be no desire to tip-everybody happy. Until then, I guess you be the judge – if someone shows excellent care and skills, they deserve a bump! Just use common sense and quit crying about being broke. It is hard for a lot of us, but if you can afford to hire someone to move you.. yep you can add a fair tip (or trying moving it on your own :-)!

    1. You make two statements which I would like to address. The owner offers a wage, the worker accepts the wage, if it is not enough, the worker not the owner should make a change. I was taught if you accept the amount offered, don’t complain it wasn’t enough, you agreed to it. Change jobs, don’t work for low pay.
      You say if you can afford to hire someone to move you, you can afford the tip. Not everyone hires a mover for convenience. Some of us have physical limitations that can bring major problems if agitated, so we hire someone to make it easier on us. I would ask friends for help but feel obligated to provide them funds for their service, so I end up paying either way. I will tip if I believe I got good service. No one tips me for doing my job and I provide customer service every day.

  19. You people are nuts. It’s not the consumer’s fault/problem/issue what the free market wage is for movers or hamburger flippers. Service is offered for a price. A good deal is when both parties agree on the price. A tip is a bonus. It’s gratuitous and extra. Whether or not it happens should not impact the product offered and agreed upon. Btw, food service is different as it has a special wage law written for it. I always tip food servers generously. A bonus is a bonus you entitlement brainwashed pogues.

  20. We gave our movers $20 each, and they were very appreciative. Made me wish I had given them more.

  21. I have used 2 men and a truck several times. The first couple times – they were great moving me from 1 apartment to another.

    However, last time I moved to a house and they worked so slow. I purposely hired 3 men and the one guy stood around telling the other 2 what to do. That isn’t what I was paying extra for.

  22. Huntsville Alabama office did good with my Mother. She used them only to pack up her antique breakables and they did a fantastic job. Friendly and professional. USA is big. They are not all bad because of a couple of lazy dweebs that don't like to work.

  23. I am going to move next week (just LOcal)
    after reading all tis stuff I think I’ll do
    it myself…

  24. I have spent my whole life in a family moving business. Tipping is NOT required as part of your service. Moving is a tough job no question about it, if it were easy there would not be a need for the service. My Team members are not underpaid but do receive tips for their hard work.

  25. our experience 2 years ago was quite good. we did tip (we found out they were breaking their backs for $ 12 an hour) nothing broke or was damaged and they moved about 3000 sq. ft. we had prepacked all the boxes ourselves. it all depends on the location since each location has it's own workers. for South Bend, IN area it was good. It took them 2 trucks 4 guys and 10 hours. the quote was right on!!!. We bought them lunch, and a tip of $25 per guy (amounting to about about $ 2.50 and hour). Provided snacks and pop/water for them also. they did bust their butts.

  26. I read these comments to find out about this moving company and all I got was “to tip or not to tip” Learned nothing.

  27. Not a comment but a question. we are trying to pack everything up so that we can get pictures done to sell our house and move to another close by. All of our stuff will be packed up (most of it anyways) and put in the garage, minus the furniture. Would this company just show up to load everything and unload at the new place, or do you have to have them pack everything too?

  28. I was looking for information regarding moving costs because I live alone in a new area and 5 months after relocating here away from family and friends I am being relocated again to a different state where again I don’t really have friends or family willing to travel all the way to me then to the new state then home. hiring people was never something I did and really i basically need help since I’m able to move but I’m just 1 person. I got a quote which was the total I was offered for relocation of $3000 from two men and a truck. this was to move my 1 br apt into the truck (I’m doing all the packing), drive it 150 miles and put it all in my new 1 br apt. Now maybe I’m just not use to the usual costs but I thought this was already high and kind of assumed that included a good wage for their employees so I wouldn’t have to tip (or at least do some tip like $100pp). I was a server all through college so I understand the need to tip but man this string was just an eye opener about the total cost really involved. I’m glad I found it because I would have given them a nice hearty thanks and bid them goodbye without any tip cause man carrying cash is like seeing a unicorn now a days for me.

  29. Some of you who call people that don’t tip inconsiderate are inconsiderate yourselves! Have you considered maybe why some people don’t tip? Many people who pay for moving companies don’t do it because they have extra money laying around, they do it because they don’t have much of a choice.

    It’s already expensive moving in general especially when you are paying thousands of dollars for closing cost and down payment of your new house that you have worked so hard to save for. I make around the same amount as the movers an hour, but I am expected to pull money out of thin air to give them tips. I am sorry but no. I am already on a tight budget. If I had the money to tip, then I would surely do that. But when I am moving to another home I barely have money left over to tip. That is why I pay for the service. The companies should probably pay their workers more instead of relying on us to compensate for the difference in tips.

    So no it’s not that I am being rude by not tipping, I just don’t have the money too!

    1. I’m with Drea. By tipping movers you are subsidizing the moving companies and encouraging them to pay low wages. Great for the moving companies bottom line don’t you think? Let them pay their employees more or have those employees move to a different better paying moving company. Water, restroom use and a shady area to take breaks should be greatly appreciated by these hard working men and women.

  30. Wow, strong feelings here regarding tipping.
    We will be moving soon. We will pack and transport the majority of the stuff ourselves so we can make sure it all arrives safely (hopefully). If anything happens, it will on us.
    We are hiring movers to do the heavy stuff only.
    Will I tip them, yes, but what I can afford to tip. Like others, on fixed income.
    As a rule, I will tip someone who comes into my home to do work. I’ve honestly had some repair people be surprised that I tip them. I had one guy say I made his Thanksgiving.
    You do a good job for me in my home, I will tip you. You do a bad job, nope.
    It’s a personal decision who and what to tip. Can not always afford the 15-20%, but I will offer what I can.

  31. not matter what you, supposed to tip a Mover heavy or not, some appreciate when you tip then others will not accept a tip but insist then to accept the tip, even water bottles or something let them use the bathroom so they can easy comfortable work, me as minimum wage I give then $20 or more, some work this job because they have no choice may be they cant find stable job or other reasons, also if you have values don’t let then laying around use small bag or something to pack your self like jewellery,social and ID Passport important papers, collectibles or so and so. if you have some closer neighbor you trust that can help you be nice if you have a disability,
    even if my neighbors or friends are my movers I tip then or buy then food or drinks such water or soda, or give them money some will not accept they will say is ok may be till next time still insist them to accept you feel better of your self after all an not feel guilt. that’s how I feel and in my Opinion. but if I was over minimum wage or stable and wealthy probably I give a more higher Tip also I make sure they are doing there Job properly also make sure nothing is left behind and count the boxes and items. always important items such jewellery and papers or other value always have then away.

  32. Exactly. People in Vegas usually know how to tip. A lot of people from other states don’t believe in tipping or are too cheap. Just ask our locals. They will tell you Vegas people are the best tippers.

  33. The customer has already paid for the service. It isn’t the customer’s fault that you chose to do a job that doesn’t pay well. Look at all the entitlement on this board. Were slaves tipped? I bet they worked a lot harder than any of you. You CHOSE to move furniture. You AGREED to the salary you were going to be paid and you KNEW what the salary would be when you CHOSE the job. How dare you demand more money from a customer. If you don’t like the pay, find another line of work. How dare you think you are entitled to more than the agreed upon price.

  34. Ok.. I was a mover for a very long time worked my way way up to 20 $ an hour but my tips varied from 0 to 200 but I never demanded I let my work do the talking for me I saw it like this I was getting paid to work out..I enjoyed my job sounds a little crazy but I did.

  35. I own a moving company and Movers should get tips because the work is very physical, it’s seasonal and if they work fast, are curtious without damaging any of your goods they are in titled to tips. They are performing a service for the Customer and saving you money by working fast and efficient!

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