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Erica Newell
Mar 25, 2024
Long-distance move from Salt Lake City, UT to San Antonio, TX

Incredible experience

Let’s work backwards, and I’ll give you all the details of my move. I recently moved from Utah to Texas, and was very nervous because it was my first time moving out of state. I heard horror stories about movers stealing peoples things or holding their stuff hostage. I found Muscular movers through a local trusted service.

DAY OF ARRIVAL- The day my things arrived. I woke up to a text early, letting me know where the driver was at. Even though he had estimated he couldn’t arrive till noon. I had told him that it was urgent and so he told me he was going to arrive at 8 AM. To my delight… He actually showed up early.

He was positive, and really encouraging of the other helpers he had. he made everyone smile and was really fun to be around. he also took special care of all of my things and was an excellent communicator. I could not be more impressed and would hire this man any day.

Prior to moving day I had been really stressed because they had called to ask if I could move my moving dates till later. Due to some snowstorms, some of their trucks were delayed my things arrived a few days late. I was really frustrated because I had to move a bunch of flights. They were patient and worked with me and were highly communicative.

I could explain more details, but needless to say, I’m very impressed with this company and would definitely hire them again. The mover that came to deliver. My things was one of the most positive people I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with, and I was very impressed. They took great care of my things, and unloaded them all in the correct rooms.

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home Service cost: $4500

Thumbnail photo by Erica Newell of Muscular Moving Men
Katherine Wol
Sep 17, 2022
Long-distance move from Newport Beach, CA to Scottsdale, AZ

Do not trust

Theft theft theft

1st thing I was told : "move from California + small storage time + move in to AZ apartment is $8000 with coupon. $4000 deposit at booking and $4000 due on the day they drop off furniture as the truck leaves storage en route to drop off location". This sounds fair to me, they deliver everything I own in life back to me and get the remaining balance.

2nd thing I am told on moving day: "I pay $4000 on delivery day when they do the remaining work". All sounds good.

3rd thing I am told by a different person: 3 days after we did the move- they call "we need $2000 now because your stuff is in storage". My response: I need to speak to manager, this is not what I was told at sign up. They say ok someone will call.

4th!!!! nobody calls, I call 3 days later to follow up, they say no we don't need anything from you, I say ok, thanks. Then, later in the day I look at my bank statement, they randomly just pulled the 2nd payment, a full $4000 from my card (on file obviously) 3 days ago without my knowledge, permission, or signature. So I have paid for everything and I have no clue where my property is or when it is coming, or what condition its in. They pulled $4,000 from my account without my permission, knowledge, or signature.

The contract language doubles back a few times so they can take a different route if they feel like it. 1000$+ in missing electronics, hardware, and expensive gemstones were missing upon unpacking my boxes at home, its not inconceivable to lose a box, but these are items thieves like...and they would not have been all packed together....so probably pocketed, chipped dining room table, and broken nose on an urn lid shaped like a bird, a handmade art pottery urn from Santa Fe. Broken antique candle holder from grandmother passed away, I despise this company.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $8000

Thumbnail photo by Katherine Wol of Muscular Moving Men
Official company response

Update 12/8/2022: Hi Katherine, we are so happy we were able to come to a mutually agreeable settlement with you and to resolve the issues experienced! We hope that you will think of us for any of your future moving needs.

Update 11/30/2022: Hi Katherine, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today! We know that some time has lapsed but we look forward to resolving the issues you experienced. Please be on the lookout for an email shortly!

Hi Katherine, we are so sorry that your experience with us was not as positive as we would have liked it to be. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service we can, but we realize we are not perfect. I would love to get on the phone with you to discuss your experience and how we can make it better in the future for you and others!

Please call 602-923-6400 and ask for Ashley in customer service.

Jan Morgan
Dec 12, 2022
Local move within Phoenix, AZ

A highly successful move and company

My utmost respect and thanks to Muscular Moving Men for their very professional and personable service during my recent move. As a woman of “a certain age,” faced with the daunting task of moving after 40 years, having the help of these wonderful guys, who were so courteous and fun, made an intimidating task so easy. Bravo to Angel, Mike, Felipe and Kenny for the super hero help, and to wonderful Madelyn who went above and beyond with her warm and caring support. Seriously, particularly if you are moving a parent or someone who is in need of extra support, do yourself a huge favor and hire Muscular Moving Men, they are truly the best. I'm thinking of inviting everyone for Christmas as they seem like family now.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $2378

Thumbnail photo by Jan Morgan of Muscular Moving Men Second thumbnail photo by Jan Morgan of Muscular Moving Men
Official company response

Hi Jan! Thank you so much for the kind words! We pride ourselves on making the moving process as easy and stress free as possible, and we are so glad we were able to accomplish this for you. I am also glad that your bill came in LOWER than you had expected. We certainly do our best to get the job done in a more efficient and quicker manner.

Jeremy Goldbach
Sep 05, 2022
Long-distance move from Sun City, AZ to Saint Louis, MO

Incomplete job

Sadly, had a great experience in my first cross country move, and a terrible experience moving my 70 year old mother across the country. They damaged numerous items, and had a guy abandon the job halfway through. But most importantly, they did not complete the unpacking which we paid for, made us go back and forth for weeks by email (including sending many pictures of stacks of still packed boxes weeks after the move despite paying for unpacking and debris removal) and refused to refund us the $900. After spending $60k between two moves, they offered $250 because their driver “assured them they had done it”. Would not recommend

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home Service cost: $18000

Thumbnail photo by Jeremy Goldbach of Muscular Moving Men Second thumbnail photo by Jeremy Goldbach of Muscular Moving Men
Official company response

Update 11/30/2022:
Hi Jeremy! We attempted to get in touch with you today but were unable to. Please give us a call back at your earliest convenience to discuss a possible resolution. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Hi Jeremy, we are sorry about the move experience that your mother had with us. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible, from start to finish, and we are sad that this move did not fall in that category. We would love to get on the phone with you to hear more about it, to research the damage claim that was filed and to see if there is any additional resolution we can provide for you and your mother. Please call 602-923-6400 and ask for Ashley in customer service.

Erik Nguyen
May 22, 2023
Long-distance move from Yelm, WA to Summerville, SC

Move from WA to SC

We chose to hire professionals to move all of our possessions cross country to simplify our move with our 5 small children. Our move was estimated to take 4 hours. It took 8. Upon arrival the driver Mike was courteous and prompt, that’s the best thing I’ll have to say. The crew however was 2 hours late to start the move. We discussed marking items to be unloaded at the destination first as we would need them in our temporary housing. We positioned these items and marked them apart.

They broke for lunch 2 hours into the move and upon returning wreaked of marijuana, played music with explicit lyrics, and discussed after hours shenanigans all in front of our children. Their pace and efficiency was also gone after lunch. They moved haphazardly through the rooms, and twice confused the trash bags with labeled bags of things. Additionally they left the hardware of our master bedroom and another bedset behind. All of this in addition to the fact we had to corral our children around the house away from them for 8 hours rather than 4.

Upon arriving at our destination a cat ran out of the truck. We do not have a cat. We have a daughter with severe excezma who is allergic to cats. Yet the cat ran out of our stuff, the cat also pooped on our stuff. Yes pooped. The instructions to put the red tape items(the items we would need) to the side were discussed again. Yet no items were left to the side.

When we returned to the delivery location we discovered they had stacked everything against the back door, our custom Tempur-pedic mattress was not in the mattress bag or blanket as it should have been and was significantly ripped. Boxes marked Fragile were buried. Our flatscreen TV was the base of an ominous Jenga tower. Cat feces smears were found on at least 2 items. Our daughters hand painted desk and chair were broken. In attempting to find our safe we could see numerous other potentially damaged items based on location and weight of what was put on top of them.

The company was contacted immediately on the move out day regarding the unprofessional behavior and leave behinds, as well as at delivery of the cat issue. The driver confirmed the events as described by my husband both on the move out day and delivery day. We were told we would be reimbursed for damaged items and the claim would be left open till we moved to our permanent location. We have this in writing (email) and a note was put in our file. Due to the inability to access the items we had asked to be set aside we had to repurchase clothing and shoes for our 5 children, repurchase curriculum(we homeschool), and miscellaneous other items as well as just go without many things.

Fast forward 6 mos and as we are arranging to move to our final destination we reach out to determine how to submit for the damaged items. We are informed that they will not honor the previously stated resolution and that the employees we had previously dealt with are all gone. Given that we know already of $5,000 in damages after only looking at the outsides of the Jenga pile in our storage unit, I am exasperated and scared to discover how much more this company is going to cost us. Between paying for the move, buying new items for our temporary stay, replacing broken items, replacing/cleaning items with pet dander or cat scat, in addition to time and frustration we would have been better off to just leave our belongings behind and have started over than to use Muscular moving men.

Move size: 4+ Bedroom Home Service cost: $12500

Thumbnail photo by Erik Nguyen of Muscular Moving Men Second thumbnail photo by Erik Nguyen of Muscular Moving Men
Official company response

Hi Erik, I am sincerely sorry that your move was far from perfect. We do not provide hourly estimates for interstate moves. They are binding estimates, and the pricing is based on the volume of contents. We are not perfect, but we are accountable. The move was completed in November of 2022. We are now in May of 2023. You have had the claim form for months and to this day we have yet to receive a statement of claim after giving you multiple extensions beyond the agreed-upon time frame to submit documentation. We wish you the best of luck and I do appreciate your feedback.

Shirley Barrientes
Jul 20, 2022
Local move from Mesa, AZ to Casa Grande, AZ

Save your money

What a joke. Their prices may have been SLIGHTLY lower but in hind sight I wish I would have went with a different company. I was told they could not move my TV's unless I rented boxes from them at $45 each. They didn't use the boxes and broke my 65 inch TV. I reached out to Victoria to make things right, another colossal failure. For another $200 I could have hired a company that would have done exactly what they said and wouldn't have had to shell out another $1,500 to buy a new TV. Moving is stressful enough, which is why you hire a moving company in the first place. Save yourself some money, time, trouble and extreme frustration and hire someone else...anyone else.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $1200

Official company response

Hi Shirley,

I sincerely apologize for the length in time it took to respond to your review. Please know, we take our online reputation very seriously and I am so sorry that you had a less than positive experience. I do see that your claim was settled on in August 2022, with a signed settlement form. Please know that because of feedback like yours, we are able to really evaluate our processes in place and ensure we are executing at a high level.

We hope that you will allow us the opportunity, if you ever need moving services, to show you that we have improved.

Wishing you nothing but the best!

Leo K Kappus
Sep 27, 2022
Local move from Chandler, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ


Tyler originally quoted an amount which almost doubled when the job was complete, and they didn't bother to include my $75 deposit on the final bill. I asked all the right questions and was told the only way that the bill would increase is if they go over on time which they did by a half hour. I phoned David Popitan about this issue (GM) who came across as it is what it is! I also had to ask for a receipt that I received two months later. We recently moved to Arizona and were recommended to contact MMM&S, I wish we hadn't because it was a complete disappointment.

Move size: 3 Bedroom Home Service cost: $925

Official company response

Hi Leo,
I apologize for how long it has taken to respond to your review. We are so sorry for the experience you had last year, but appreciate your feedback as it allows us the opportunity to grow from any challenges experienced. Please know that we take your feedback seriously and will continue to use these examples as ways to better improve.

We hope that you will allow us the opportunity, if you ever need moving services, to show you that we have improved.

Wishing you nothing but the best!

Ellin Ruffner
Sep 11, 2022
Long-distance move from Tucson, AZ to Cambridge, MA

Long Distance move

Horrible experience. Negligent packing, terrible communication, whole load did not arrive from a 2500 mile move. No bed to sleep in. Lots of breakage.

Move size: 3 Bedroom Home Service cost: $24000

Thumbnail photo by Ellin Ruffner of Muscular Moving Men
Official company response

Hi Ellin, we are so sorry about your experience with us last month! We are customer service focused, and to hear this is very disheartening. Because of feedback like yours, we have implemented more in depth training with our teams to be better prepared for jobs like yours. We are working very hard every day, and would love the opportunity to speak with you to see how we can do better for all of our customers. If you are open to it, please give us a call at 602-923-6400 and ask to speak with Ashley in Customer Service.

Janine Torres
Jan 03, 2023
Local move within Gilbert, AZ

Fast Local Move

We closed on our new build between Christmas and New Years, a time when many companies close their doors. After not being able to schedule with our previous moving company I reached out to MMM and they got us on the schedule for the day and time we needed. The morning started a little rough as the truck broke down on the way to us. It took a couple of hours for the truck to get fixed but when it did the movers arrived ready to work. We were quoted 4-5 hours and they had it done in 3 hours and 15 minutes. The movers were fast and friendly and took care to not drag mud and dirt into our new home as it had been raining the previous day. You can definitely find cheaper movers, but in this case you get what you pay for. Would definitely recommend and use them if we move again, but hopefully we are here for a long time!

Move size: 4 Bedroom Home Service cost: $1000

Official company response

Hi Janine! It is a pleasure to be able to assist you during a potentially stressful time. We are happy to have been able to take care of your moving needs and get it done UNDER ESTIMATE! Thank you for being understanding also, we control what we can and some times our trucks break down which can cause some delays. Thanks again for taking the time to let us know how great your experience was and we look forward to assisting you with your future moving needs!

Kevin Axx
Nov 30, 2022
Local move within Phoenix, AZ

Definitely DO NOT Recommend

Definitely would HIGHLY DISCOURAGE anyone from using Muscular Moving Men. It was a pretty bad experience from start to finish. When scheduling the move, they gave me a quote and on moving day, I was told they had to add almost 75% onto the original quote because of the time it was going to take. I found this a little fishy considering Muscular Moving Men moved me and my stuff (the same stuff I still owned and was moviong again) just a year ago, so they had a full inventory of my things and still got the quote wrong. Classic bait and switch. Knowing from past moving experiences that things happen and things get damaged, I also paid for the full coverage insurance. On my quote, the insurance is listed as "FULL REPLACEMENT COVERAGE". Well, of course there were things that were damaged during the move, and they're serviceman deemed beyond repair. So when I submitted the claim for reimbursement, Victoria told me the insurance only covers the "depreciated value" of the belongings. That's not "FULL REPLACEMENT COVERAGE". That's a downright lie! She quoted the fine print, but who has time to read all of that when they ask you to sign 12 documents the morning of your move? They ruined a piece of fine art. And they offered me a "depreciated value" on my art. Who ever heard of a piece of art that depreciates?!? It's absurd, and it's a very poor way to do business and handle people's belongings. You can find much better movers, that won't lure you in with low prices only to gouge you on moving day, and that will actually reimburse you for damages that their employees caused. I'm entirely disappointed, and could not, in good conscience, recommend Muscular Moving Men to anyone.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: $4100

Official company response

Update 12/7/2022: Hi Kevin! I am so happy that we were able to resolve your issues. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any additional questions or concerns! We hope you will consider us for any and all of your future moving needs!

Good Morning Kevin, thank you for reaching out and letting us know your experience. I do apologize that it was a less than perfect experience. We are continually growing and looking to improve our policies and procedures in place. I attempted to call you not long ago, however it went to voice mail. If you can please call me back, I would like to discuss your settlement offer as well as how we can help to make this right for you! As a reminder, I can be reached at 602-923-6400 option 2.

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Local State License: not provided

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